founder, chief

The Pioneering Porridge Powerhouse, The Original Oatsman, The Guru of On The Go Goodness – what Tony doesn't know about oats isn't worth knowing. If you swing by our office, look for his swinging golf club. It’s a sign he’s brainstorming another delicious idea. 





Great with all things involving numbers and figures, Bob is solidity personified (in the nicest possible way). Yes, you can always be sure of Bob. Although we’re definitely not sure about the whole house music obsession, or that inexplicable Jamiroquai thing.



king of Stoats HQ

Few people can carry off bright orange wellies on a daily basis. Even fewer can get away with lovingly referring to bowls of porridge as 'she'. But Pete somehow manages both with aplomb. Everything is, as he would say, "Spotty dog". No, we’ve no idea either.




Our bubbly Dundonian is terrific when talking porridge at events up and down the country. And when she’s back home at Stoats HQ, equally adept at keeping the entire office in line.


Tony F

marketing & sales exec

Tony’s a man with a great eye for detail, and an even greater love of whisky & honey porridge, which he usually has to fiercely protect from Stella, our permanently mooching, oat loving office dog…