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As we like to say here The simplest things in life are often the tastiest

It’s why Stoats products are as naturally tasty as it gets. Everything with our name on it is made as food should be — made from real ingredients and bursting with big, filling flavours.

Whatever way you take your oats – whether packed into a bar for your commute or by the bowlful brimming with berries or zinging with cinnamon – you can find it here at Stoats, the home of hearty and wholesome.

Introducing Stoaters

Our Stoaters bars are made specifically for kids, proportioned with real fruit pieces and no added sugar or artificial flavourings, in flavours they’ll love. Take them with you on day-trips or pop in their lunch box to keep them going throughout the day.

A little taste of our big flavours

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Rhubarb & Ginger

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Traditional Scottish

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Limited Edition

Caramel & Pretzel Bar

You can't find me in the shops

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Packed full of creamy milk protein and the finest Scottish oats to power you through the day.

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This is my favourite porridge, bar none and I have tried a few brands. A lovely taste and texture. I used to like the seeded Stoats porridge, but since that was discontinued I just add my own seeds. Even better with a banana chopped on top.

Fiona, Glasgow

2 weeks ago