Frequently asked questions

Subscription FAQs

What is the Subscription Box?

Stoats send you 10 porridge oat bars direct to your door or desk either every month or twice a month, depending on which option you go for.

Do I need to customise my Subscription Box?

Each month we create a new Limited Edition bar, we’ll include two of them in your box along with eight of our existing bars so it’s hassle free for you, just sign up and we’ll pick the bars for you.

Does the Subscription Box suit my dietary requirements?

All our porridge bars are vegetarian friendly. They contain butter (milk) and oats which may contain traces of gluten. We also have a bar which contains hazelnuts and we may sometimes include a Limited Edition bar with nuts – we’ll clearly label this on the bar. We do not handle any peanuts at Stoats bakery and will not include any in our Limited Edition bars.

Can I order a single box?

If you would like to receive a one-off order rather than subscribe, check out the options of Mixed Cases of bars on our online shop.

When do I have to place my order to receive a box?

If you select Monthly Subscription, your first subscription box will be posted on the first working day of the following month. If you select Twice-monthly Subscription, your first order will be sent on either the 1st or the 15th of the month, depending what date comes soonest.

What if I’m not home when my box arrives?

That’s fine, the box fits through the letterbox.

Does the box contribute to free UK delivery for orders of £20 or over?

The Subscription Box is separate to any other purchases from our online shop so the cost of the Subscription Box does not contribute towards the Free Delivery offer for orders over £20.

Do I have to pay for delivery of the Subscription Box?

Delivery costs are included in the price and the parcel is sent via Royal Mail.

Can I order the Subscription Box worldwide?

This box is only available to UK residents. If you would like to order Stoats bars or any other products abroad, you can do so with all other items on our online shop.

How do I update my shipping address, contact information or billing address?

Log in to your customer account and you can amend any details in the My Dashboard section. 

What if I need to cancel my Subscription Box?

Simply log in to your account and select ‘cancel’ and your subscription will end immediately.

I loved the Limited Edition Bar, can I order more?

We’ll place a small number of the Limited Edition bars on the website each month so that you if you really enjoyed them, you can order some more before they disappear. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.