Naturally tasty, chewy snack bars baked with puffed wholegrain oats, real fruit pieces and no added sugar.

  • Real fruit pieces
  • Puffed wholegrain oats
  • No artificial flavours
  • No added sugars
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Tony & Bob...

We’ve been baking our oat bars for over 12 years. And when we both became dads we were determined to create a tasty snack, especially for younger ones. So we got together with some clever nutritionist types to make sure we created a recipe where the nasties stayed out and the goodness stayed in.

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We worked with the experts to develop the very best recipe for kids.

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All natural ingredients and no nasties, like artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives.

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Tried, tested and tweaked: it’s thumbs up to soft, tasty chewiness in a pocket sized snack!

Oaty fruity goodness
for your kids

We know our stuff when it comes to natural ingredients and delicious fruity flavour combos. In fact, all our Stoaters bars are made with natural, wholesome ingredients, and we never ever use artificial flavours or added sugars.

Approved by your wee stoaters

While we were putting together our Stoaters recipes, we even asked some very important experts – kids – just to make sure we were getting things right. They gave these pocket-sized snacks the thumbs up, and we were dad-dancing with delight!

What’s your favourite
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Mixed Berry & Cocoa

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Apple & Raisin

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Banana & Cocoa

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