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Thank you from the bottom of our pots

Feeding hungry minds


You may remember last year we transformed our Original Porridge Quick Pot into a Charity Pot. That meant for every one sold, Mary’s Meals would provide one meal for a child at an African primary school. But, we hoped (with your help!) we could provide every child at the school with daily meals for an entire year. We knew you and your fellow porridge lovers wouldn’t hesitate to get behind such a good cause, and you didn’t disappoint!

Drum roll please…

You did it! Thanks to you we have met our target and have been able to provide the children of Bambo Town Primary School in Liberia with daily meals for an entire year. You’ve helped reduce hunger, improve attendance and keep kids full with the energy they need to learn. And, we’re proud to say that, along with Mary’s Meals, we have managed to bring on-the-go goodness all the way to Africa.

Feeding hungry minds