Wow! That was fast…

Wow! That was fast…

Aberdeen to London. Glasgow to Bristol. Edinburgh to Brighton. Dundee to Cardiff. 2 months, 3 countries, 15 cities, 121 stores and 3,545 miles! But before all that – let’s take a breather.

Prior to joining the team at Stoats HQ, I completed my 1st degree at Glasgow University, studying the most unemployable subject ever – philosophy. I then went on to study for my MSc in Marketing from Edinburgh Napier University. This is also the first time I came into contact with a Stoats bar – my life would never be the same again!!

My other passion in life (asides from porridge) is sport. Playing competitive sport is something I have always enjoyed – whether it be on the rugby/football field, tennis court, on the golf course or with my new basketball partner @stoatsRobbie! Sport has always been a big part of my life – and using that enthusiasm for sport is something I try to bring to my work.

There have been many highlights throughout the last two months, but the two that stick out the most was the brilliant weekend at Borough Market and the festive fruit giveaway prior to Christmas.

The weekend of Borough Market back in November is something that I will not be forgetting quickly. The vibrancy and energy of the market was spectacular! Being involved in the Pride of Scottish Food and Drink was a fantastic opportunity. I met some amazing people and ate some of the best food the UK has to offer (the endless platters of fresh scallops was a definite high). Selling a lot of porridge was an added bonus too!

From London’s Borough Market back up to Edinburgh. The festive fruit giveaway was a fantastic way to finish a brilliant year for myself and Stoats. Using the twitter hashtag #tweetforatreat Robbie and I managed to invade over 25 offices (in 3 days) in the Edinburgh area giving away cases of festive fruit porridge bars – including some fantastic charities like the Rock Trust, Project Scotland and Sick Kids! Although I was forced to wear a ridiculous Christmas hat!

At the turn of the year, focus has been south of the border. The new listing with Tesco and Waitrose for our multipacks has kept us extremely busy. Visiting and sampling stores in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is an exciting prospect. Trips planned to Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool and London is an incredible opportunity for a young Stoater like me!

Working here is an absolute pleasure and I cannot thank the team enough for making me feel so welcome – here’s to the next 3 months!

Spreading the Stoats name and bringing ‘porridge to the people’ has never been more alive and kicking!

George (