Why June Rocked…

Why June Rocked…

When I realised we were already in July this morning, it got me thinking about how much of a CRAZY-BUSY, FUNNY, AWESOME, MAD month we’ve just had.

These are some of my highlights:

- Seeing our new range of Porridges rolled out into Waitrose stores all over the UK

- Robbie G’s daily gossip from his #ifoundrobbieinscotmid tour

- Meeting thousands of happy customers (old and new) at the Highland Show. Selling out of porridge at the Highland Show everyday. Sporting our new uniforms at the Highland Show. The eton-mess ice cream at the Highland Show. Pete’s toffee apple porridge at the Highland Show… You get it – the Highland Show was amazing

-  Seeing Tony break and fall off yet another office chair

- Launching our new website (still needs a few tweaks needed here and there but loving our new look)

- Sharon’s excitement at her new apron

-  A life-changing bowl of Tony’s sunflower & poppy seed porridge with half a jar of nutella! Yes, the easiest way to turn one of the healthiest breakfasts into a calorie fest, but so so tasty

-   Seeing our cute new multi-packs fly off the shelves of Scot-mid stores

-   Opening the business section of the paper to see that the pic of #bobbyinatrolley had made it to the press

Here’s to another month of porridge madness. Porridge to the People!

Jess xx

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