We've had a busy day in the Stoats Kitchen competing for the title


Plain Oats

Robbie kicked off the porridge showstopper action by frying some spicy salami (he certainly caught our attention with his choice of ingredients)!

Robbies Ingredients

Within minutes he'd turned the kitchen upside down (chaos equals creativity?!) and was adding his "secret family recipe" Italian tomato sauce, spicy salami and pecorino cheese to our special blend of Scottish Porridge Oats.

Finely garnished with impressively chopped raw red onion, always a winner at 9am!


Onion Chopping


Robbies entry


Next up was expert Porridge maker Bob and his aptly named bowl of 'BOREO'. "That's Bob and Oreo put together" he proceeded to tell us. Thanks for the insight Bob!

He added lashings of Vanilla yoghurt to his delicious bowl of crushed cookie porridge - an instant crowd pleaser!

We later discovered Bob's inspiration had come from the supermarket bargain bin that morning. Award for least prepared porridge pioneer goes to...


On the hob next was Van Man Cam. Renowned for mastering Bircher Muesli - how would his porridge creation compare?

Keeping it simple, Cam went for a sweet and savoury combo - Salt and Peppered Caramel Porridge, with Creme Brulee inspired styling...

Cam Porridge

Cam & Porridge

Emma was the next contender. Well known for her presentation and attention to detail, her COFFEE PORRIDGE ESPRESSO included a base of crushed amarretti biscuits "because nobody wants a soggy bottom"!

The controversial move to opt for glass and saucer presentation certainly paid off, proving she can deliver both style and substance!

Emma and her Porridge

With her  ELDERFLOWER INFUSED PEAR PORRIDGE with grated lime zest, Operations queen Georgie was up next. Demolished in seconds by the team, this was a seriously strong entry. The pint of leftover elderflower syrup was also a huge hit - maybe earning her some additional bonus points!?


Sticking with the dessert theme - Jess was next on the hob, creating a BLACK FOREST GATEAUX inspired porridge, topped with her homemade salted almond brittle, greek yoghurt and chocolate shavings. An interesting shade of porridge perhaps but certainly a hit with the chocolate lovers amongst the team!

Jess & bowl

Following dessert we moved on to main course (as you do!) with Kate's 'KRAZY KURRY PORRIDGE'.  This spicy porridge topped with roasted vegetables was certainly one of the main talking points of the morning - managing to convert the savoury sceptics amongst the team. Maybe one to try with a couple of beers next Friday night?


Kate & porrige

When we started smelling bacon coming from the oven, we knew it meant only one thing - final contender Pete was taking the competition to a whole new level with his technically challenging handwoven happy bacon!

You've gotta try making Pete's magical bacon - it's out of this world! Handwoven streaks of bacon sprinkled with mixed spice then baked in the oven...

To his 'HAPPY BACON PORRIDGE' Pete added mascarpone cheese, maple syrup and a grating of lime zest. What do you reckon? Would Mary Berry be impressed?

Pete & bowl

Just when we thought the challenge was coming to an end and we could go for a wee lie down to digest all the ideas and oats, we received a surprise LATE ENTRY from chief porridge pioneer himself - Tony!

All the the way from sunny Portugal where he's currently holidaying (we're not jealous!), here's the pic of his Tropicana themed porridge... We wondered if he'd been listening to lots of 'Wham!' by the pool that morning!?

Wham Porridge


All in all it's been a brilliant day of porridge pioneering. There's been tears, laughter and lots of onion! But what we're all dying to know is WHO YOU THINK should be crowned 'Stoats Showstopper Champion 2013'... try saying that quickly three times!

Get voting now by liking and commenting... the winner of the championship lies in your hands!

Have a brilliant weekend all.

Porridge to the People!