Tony's Tupperware Troubles

Tony's Tupperware Troubles


So, this cupboard used to really wind me up.

Why? Because playing a game of domestic Kerplunk with multitudes of toppling Tupperware is enough to give anyone the fear. It also meant that anytime I wanted to store some tasty leftovers it usually ended in carnage.

Now, however, I’ve come to see this cupboard as more than a teetering tower of mismatched lids and boxes.

Instead, it’s a symbol of good fortune and, every now and again, absolute failure but ultimately a kitchen where experiments happen, new discoveries are made and food is enjoyed.

I like to spend time in the kitchen; mostly making porridge.

What I love about porridge is that even though I must have eaten it thousands of times over the last few years, it’s always different.

Porridge is perfect at the weekends when it can be made at a leisurely pace.  It's a needy food.

It takes time and care. You need to watch it, stir it, caress it, adding more liquid or oats until it’s just perfect.

If I have the time I like to take it off the hob and let it sit for a bit with a lid on so the oats go light and fluffy.

Then there’s experimenting with toppings. A favourite of mine is Sunflower and Poppy Seed Porridge with lemon curd #epicporridge

stoats sunflower poppy seed porridge lemon curd tony stone

So how does this relate to my favourite (well second favourite, but that’s another story) cupboard?

Well, the focus should always be on the food.

A messy cupboard is a sign that you’re busy in the kitchen making food that you share with your friends, family or is so good that you take a second helping to work to enjoy the next day.

Don’t worry about wasting time tidying the Tupperware.

If anything, learn to love the challenge.