The ‘Mince-pie meets apple-crumble’ Christmas breakfast

The ‘Mince-pie meets apple-crumble’ Christmas breakfast

If Christmas Day wasn't enough of a foodie occasion already, we’ve just made it more so. Don't panic, this doesn't mean an extra hour of intense cooking (*phew*). This festive breakfast crumble is a ridiculously easy option if you want something wholesome yet simple to wake up to on Christmas morning.

You can even make it a few days beforehand and freeze it if you want zero prep-time on the day itself. Just be sure to defrost it before you bake it. You’ll need three simple ingredients, and this recipe serves four.



3 large cooking apples

200 grams Christmas mincemeat

3 Stoats bars of choice (we recommend our Festive Fruit bar or Apple & Cinnamon bar)


De-core and chop your cooking apples into chunks.

Mix the mincemeat with the sliced apple until everything is well combined.

In a separate bowl, break up the Stoats bars until they resemble a crumble mix.

Transfer the apple pieces and mincemeat into a baking dish, and sprinkle over the oaty rubble.

Bake the crumble 180 degrees for 30 minutes.