Stoaty Easter Nests

Stoaty Easter Nests

If you weren't one of us lucky folk who spent their first ten Easters wolfing down chocolate mini nests, don’t fret. While we won’t offer you slabs of chocolate, we can offer you the simplest, oatiest, yummiest alternative you could ever imagine. The best part about these mini oat nests is that the bar choice is up to you. We’ve used Apple & Cinnamon today - one of our absolute favourites. And, in honour of tradition, we’ve filled our nests with chocolate eggs. If you want to be truly choc-free you could fill them with nuts, fruit; or even use them as ice-cream baskets!

We can’t even call this a step by step guide because there are so few steps. You’ll simply need some Stoats bars of your choice and some wee things you want to fill your nests with. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds.


Ingredients (to make 12)

6 x 50 gram Stoats Porridge Oat Bars of choice.

Mini chocolate eggs (or filling of choice such as nuts, fruit or even ice-cream).



Pop one Stoats bar in the microwave for 30 seconds, or until the bar is warm and malleable.

Divide the bar in half and mould each section into the cupcake mould.

Repeat the same process for all 6 bars.

Pop the tray into a fridge for half an hour.

Remove the tray from the fridge, pop out the wee oat cups, and fill them with your goodies.