Stoats Quick Pot Ice Cream

Stoats Quick Pot Ice Cream

We know you feel it too. Pushing through the clouds with all its might, that sunshine means one thing and one thing only: summer. About time too! We can’t blame anyone for overlooking the whole porridge thing (with sun cream and BBQs on your mind and all that...) but we can promise the perfect alternative way to get those little grains of goodness into your bowls. Believe it or not, it's ice cream! And you’ll need just 4 things to make it (yep, seriously): a Stoats Porridge Quick Pot, cream, a dash of sugar to sweeten it all up, and a glug of golden syrup to make the syrupy sweet core!



1 Stoats Porridge Quick Pot of your choice

30 grams caster sugar

150 ml whipping cream

A glug of golden syrup


Take your porridge quick pot, fill it about half way with boiling water, then mix in the caster sugar and pop it aside to cool completely.

When your porridge is cool, whip up the cream until you have soft peaks, and fold it into the porridge quick pot.

Pop the pot in the freezer and mix it every hour or so for 4-6 hours.

Half way through the freezing time, insert a straw or apple corer through the middle of the pot to create a hollow core through the centre of the semi-frozen ice-cream (the core should hold its shape at this point) and fill it with golden syrup.

Serve up in delicious cones, bowls, or even the mini Stoats nests that we made at Easter time, and drizzle with golden syrup, maybe some nuts or seeds and whatever else you fancy!