Stoats widely available south of the border!

Stoats widely available south of the border!

It’s an exciting time of year at Stoats HQ… the warehouse is non-stop packing up deliveries of tasty Scottish oats all around the world, Robbie and George have spread cases of cheer (in the form of Festive Fruit Porridge Oat Bars) around Edinburgh and we’re delighted to announce that Stoats bars are now available at Tesco and Waitrose stores across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Find your local store here - !

Team Stoats can’t wait to visit our new stores from Portadown to Peterborough, Hornsea to Havant, we’ll keep you up to date of our travels via and

Hoping you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year… we’ll be kicking off the 25th with some Sunflower and Poppy Seed porridge topped with crumbled mince pie and cream! Why not…

Here’s to a great 2014, thank you for supporting Stoats.

Tony and Bob