Nutritious, Fresh and Fruity Tropical Porridge

Nutritious, Fresh and Fruity Tropical Porridge

Fresh fruit is exactly what we are craving after a long month of indulgence. This porridge is both fresh and revitalising. It’s crammed to the brim with fibre-rich fruit, protein packed seeds, and healthy fats from the coconut milk and flakes (which also keep it dairy free). Add some fresh mint and you’ll feel momentarily transported to a beach resort in the Bahamas. We find the fruit makes this perfectly sweet, but if you fancy a little more you could always drizzle over some honey or toss in a handful of chopped dates. So, bring the vibrant tropics to your breakfast bowl and kick start the year in the best way possible. The fruit we’ve used is interchangeable depending on what you prefer, but keeping the exotic vibe in mind these are our ‘go to’ options.



40 grams Stoats Sunflower & Poppy Seed Porridge

100 ml coconut milk

50 ml water or coconut water

1 tablespoon chia seeds, plus more from sprinkling

1 tablespoon dried coconut shavings or flakes

Sliced mango

Sliced papaya

Sliced banana

Sliced persimmon

Pomegranate seeds

Fresh mint

Honey or chopped dates (optional)


In a saucepan, combine your oats, chia seeds, coconut milk and water, and slowly bring to a simmer.

After five minutes of cooking, serve your oats into a bowl.

Arrange the fresh fruit on top and garnish with more chia seeds, dried coconut flakes, pomegranate seeds, and fresh mint leaves.