Italian Oat Based Pizza

Italian Oat Based Pizza

Before you say anything, we know that oats have got nothing to do with pizza, but just hold on a second guys. Recently, we came across a very exciting bit of news which explains the meaning in our madness.

Everyone knows porridge has been around for a long time, but archaeologists have recently claimed it could be as old as 32,000 years! Not only that (and here’s the important bit), cooking oats in this way actually originates from Italy (Sorry Scotland). Now what's yummy, traditional, and Italian? You’ve got it! Ladies and gents, we give you the Italian inspired oat crusted breakfast pizza.

The ‘Italianess' doesn't just stop with the look, it’s the inspiration behind all of our delicious toppings too. Ricotta, spinach, and a fried egg make this recipe true to its ancient geographical roots, AND obviously ideal for breakfast.



250 grams Stoats unique blend oats

3 large eggs

2 tablespoons wholemeal flour

2 tablespoons olive oil, Italian (obviously!)

100 grams ricotta cheese

3 tablespoons spinach pesto

A handful of fresh spinach to garnish

Salt and pepper to taste


Combine 2 of the eggs with the oats, salt, and flour in a bowl, mixing them well.

In an oiled frying pan, press the mixture into a circle and fry and flip until golden on both sides.

Spread the spinach pesto over the surface, and smother over blobs of ricotta.

Fry the final egg and serve on top of the pizza.

Season generously, and you’re ready to slice and serve!