It was almost as if Christmas had come early this morning when Georgie eagerly opened the colourful boxes revealing our brand new 50g porridge bars!

The exciting news is that Fig & Date and Apricot & Sultana are now available in our brand new 50g size.

It's been Celebrations all round at Stoats HQ.

Tony did his usual celebration dance to the Porridge Gods (which looks something like this)

Pete shed a few tears of joy and called his mother in order to share the news.

Bob was in Brighton and upon hearing the news unintentionally jumped off of Brighton Pier in a moment of ecstasy.

It's clear to see why everyone here at Stoats HQ is so excited. Our Apricot and Sultana flavour is a firm favourite! It's packed full of tasty, juicy apricot pieces and there's loads of sultanas in there as well as sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Fig and Date perfectly complements the Autumnal weather that we are experiencing at the moment. Its generous Fig pieces with a hint of Cinnamon result in one epic porridge bar!

Get in touch to let us know when you see them in your local shop, by getting in touch with us on facebook and twitter!

It's FREE UK Delivery for online orders over £30 - so make sure that you stock up!

Porridge to the People!