Fancy winning these?

Fancy winning these?

We’ve been mega busy at Stoats over the past 12 months…launching new flavours, developing new packaging, touring the UK in our Porridge Bar, persuading more retailers to stock our products, playing with our new robot hoover…

Anyway, what we really wanna know is HOW YOU THINK we got on.

Maybe you love our new flavours? But don't love our new packaging? Got epic flavour ideas that you’d like to see us launching next year? Only like eating some of our products and not others?

We're dying to hear  what your thoughts on Stoats are!

So if you'd like to get your hands on this big bundle of Porridge Bars...

Just send a quick message to with

1) Things you love about Stoats and our products

2) Things you don't love about Stoats and our products

3) Random ideas, comments or things you want us to improve on. Or any other Stoats related thoughts!

You don’t have to say who you are, so no holding back now…

A lucky winner will be announced on Facebook and Twitter in the New Year.

Get type type typing folks...Porridge to the People!