Berry Cherry Power Pot

Berry Cherry Power Pot

As vibrant to see as it will make you feel inside, this porridge is jam-packed with energising antioxidant boosting berries and luscious red cherries. In fact, the dramatic colour is down to a pigment called anthocyanin, found within all the fruit in this recipe. What is so special about this pigment? Studies have shown that consuming it can help our bodies defence system to fight off disease. So not only is this a beautiful breakfast, it’s a superfood kick start too. A real win win.

And, to keep things dairy free, we’ve whipped up some of our favourite ‘oat cream’. Yep - not a single cow was involved in the making of it, so for the vegans amongst you - this is an awesome one for you to try.


Ingredients (for one mason jar serving)

40 grams Stoats Unique Blend Scottish Porridge Oats

1 handful blueberries

1 handful red cherries

1 handful strawberries

100 ml coconut milk

50 ml water


‘Oat cream’ (you can find the recipe here… )

A few pumpkin seeds to garnish

In a saucepan, add half your blueberries and cherries, and mash with a fork, little by little adding the coconut milk.

Add your oats and water and bring the contents to a simmer.

After five minutes, serve your porridge into a mason jar or bowl.

Top with the rest of the blueberries and cherries, as well as some sliced strawberries too.

Drizzle over some oat cream, and you’re done.