Award winners - twice in one week!

Award winners - twice in one week!

We have Spandau Ballet playing again at Stoats HQ in celebration of winning GOLD at both the Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Awards and Marketing Star Awards.

Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Awards - GOLD for our Hedgerow Muesli

Our brand new muesli hasn't been on the shelves for long but was recognised by the judges for it's exceptional flavour profile and use of natural ingredients that look fantastic in every bowlful. This fruity Hedgerow Muesli is like taking a big mouthful of the Scottish countryside. Mixed in with our unique blend of ancient grains - premium oats, barley, spelt and rye - you'll find sweet apple, tart rhubarb and juicy blackberries, for a delicious autumnal crumble taste. Perfect for soaking up apple juice, fresh milk, yogurt - or all three!

Start your day off with the best, we'll sure you'll love it just as much as we and the judges do -

Marketing Star Awards - GOLD for the Stoats Loony Dook

We can't believe it's June already! It's feels like just yesterday we were dashing into the freezing waters of the Firth of Forth for the Stoats Loony Dook to celebrate the first day of the New Year. And what a day it was, the perfect balance of fancy dress, having fun with friends, getting so cold we couldn't feel our toes followed by the perfect remedy - a warming bowl of Stoats porridge.

We're giving ourselves a little pat on the back and now it's back to work, coming up with more delicious, award winning products.

GOLD! Always believe in your... we'll stop singing now.