The results are in!

We’ve totalled up the votes. They’ve been double checked by us, cross checked by an adjudicator. And the verdict is as follows:

You have selected Emma's COFFEE PORRIDGE ESPRESSO as the winner of ‘Stoats Showstopper Challenge 2013’.

As you can imagine, there’s been non-stop celebrations at Stoats HQ!

However, we’re a bit worried Emma’s getting caught up in all the fame which comes with being ‘Porridge Champion’.

It's never a good sign when you declare yourself “Queen of Porridgetopia” (whatever that is?!). The fact she made a crown for herself over the weekend is a real cause for concern.

We’ll keep an eye on her...

In other championship news, Pete's HAPPY BACON PORRIDGE was extremely delicious and has been voted ‘favourite’ amongst Team Stoats.

Pete accepted this news in a far more dignified manner than Emma, by simply playing the 'Gladiator victory song' (you remember the TV show right?)

Have a wee go at making these tasty porridges yourself, visit our online shop to stock up on your supplies!

Porridge to the People!