20% off our Porridge Blends!

20% off our Porridge Blends!

What lead Pete to say "It smells like the body shop in here"?

The fragrance of Cinnamon and Vanilla filled the Stoats Kitchen this morning as Cam was creating a porridge masterpiece!

It’s the 1st October, (pinch, punch and all that), the weather’s getting a bit chillier and the leaves are starting to change colour. Tasty food that warms you up and leaves you feeling satisfyingly full is always comforting. Which is where our amazing porridge blends come in…

Sunflower and Poppy Seed Porridge was on the hob at Stoats HQ this morning. A firm favourite amongst the Stoats team, and what’s not to love? Pumpkin seeds, Linseeds, Poppy Seeds and Sunflower Seeds are chock-a-block in this mighty porridge blend!

Jess added dried cherries to her bowl this morning. But the possibilities are limitless. “The world is your porridge oyster!” That's a saying right?

We’d love to see all your porridge creations so share your pics on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages…

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Porridge to the People!